Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Something About Sigma: Calculating Net Force - Section 3: Net Force (sigma F) and Free-Body Diagrams


It is essential to relate the concepts of net force to the diagram which students completed for homework and was reviewed earlier in the lesson (pictured below).   

I noticed that some students don't always make the connection between the net force and the resulting motion on an object.  So I have added a column to the Net Force worksheet that forces students to think about and connect the state of an objects velocity (constant - changing) to the net force acting on it.  This was not on the original sheet I gave to the students because it is dawning on me how important it is that students always connect the ideas of balanced/unbalanced forces to the state of an objects motion.  

I tell the students that application of this chart is 90% of the unit!  If they always remember to apply this chart, they are on the right track.  I even make a giant chart and posted it in my classroom so that we could refer to it at anytime.

  Net Force Reflection - Relate it to motion and velocity!
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Net Force Reflection - Relate it to motion and velocity!
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Something About Sigma: Calculating Net Force

Unit 1: Forces in One Dimension
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: Students will determine the net force acting on a single object and relate that to its motion.

Big Idea: Free body diagrams are a useful tool to understand all of the forces acting on an object and the resulting objects motion.

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Science Skills, Science, Newton's First Law, Physical Science, Newton's Laws, Newton's Second Law, Newton's Third Law, friction, physics, net force, sigma, free body diagram, FBD, inertia, kinematics, Forces
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