Reflection: Positive Reinforcement Organs of the Human Body - Section 1: Introduction


When I taught this lesson and asked my students to complete the body tracing activity, the students experienced difficulties that I had not anticipated. I worked hard to set up the activity so that students could be successful. I created small, mixed-ability groups and assigned each group a work space in the classroom. This pre-planning helped as students all had a safe place in which they could complete their work. I had not anticipated how difficult this task would be for some of my students. The students had difficulty tracing their classmate on butcher paper without poking their pencils through the butcher paper. They also had a lot of difficulty cutting out the human body outline once the tracing was completed. In the future, to address these issues, I would conduct this lesson in the gym or another area of the school that has hard flooring instead of carpet. This would help students to be more successful with the tracing portion of the activity. My group of students also really struggled with the fine motor skill of cutting paper. I have since provided many more opportunities to practice cutting and have incorporated some hand-strengthening centers (using a Light Bright toy, sewing, sorting small objects, etc.) into my students' daily work. This has really helped my students to improve their fine motor skills. 

  Body Tracing Leads To Unexpected Difficulties
  Positive Reinforcement: Body Tracing Leads To Unexpected Difficulties
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Organs of the Human Body

Unit 3: Human Body Systems
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT identify and describe major organs of the human body.

Big Idea: Human organs accomplish necessary functions within the human body. Each organ has a distinct role within a body system.

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