Reflection: Checks for Understanding Plate Movement Day 1 - Section 3: Students in Action


When we watch videos or look at scientific drawings, I am not sure whether students completely understand what they are seeing. I really like this lesson because using the cookie to model what students see in the videos helps me make sure that they see and understand the scientific representations. 

Also, students will look a little closer to recreate the plate movements when they know they can eat the cookie after the graphic organizer is complete.

  Visual Literacy
  Checks for Understanding: Visual Literacy
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Plate Movement Day 1

Unit 2: Earth Science
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their understanding of three types of plate movement using an Oreo cookie.

Big Idea: Making models in science can be sweet! Using the Oreo cookie to represent the lithosphere and asthenosphere we can model plate movement.

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