Reflection: Student Communication Mastery of the Function Unit - Section 1: Testing Content and Type of Questions


I am giving no major Unit tests this year.  I am providing shorter assessments to my students to better fit their needs.  I am using the data from quick multiple choice online tests to guide my teaching and the retaking of test for individual students.  I think that it is necessary to communicate to students in a timely manner about the skills that they have mastered, but also the small details that they need to remediate.  I also provide several formative assessments and problem based questions as much as possible in my day to day teaching.  That reduces the need for me to assess as much at one time.  It provides quick feedback to me and the students about the work that needs to be done to be successful.

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  Student Communication: Shorter assessments
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Mastery of the Function Unit

Unit 1: Introduction to Functions
Lesson 13 of 13

Objective: SWBAT complete multiple choice questions, short answers, and provide reasoning for identifying, evaluating, interpreting, and graphing functions.

Big Idea: To be able to show mastery of Function Concepts in different forms of test questions.

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Algebra, Math, evaluating functions, identifying functions, finding domain and range of a function, graphing functions using a t, function
  50 minutes
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