Reflection: Student Ownership Partner Presentations on the Transformation of a Parent Function(Day 2 of 2) - Section 2: Sample Presentation 1


Student success in math is not measured only by correct answers and procedures.  It is important to measure qualitative data too.  For example, can a student find the domain and range of a given function and explain it.  I recognize that several students made incorrect statements and applied the vocabulary incorrectly.  However, students were taking ownership to help clarify characteristics of the function that their classmates were stating incorrectly.  I also was able to re-teach within their presentations.  This confusion and difficulties may not have been as obvious when looking at a worksheet.  These difficulties are easily seen when students are having to verbalize the vocabulary and apply it to a given function.  

I did not expect perfection from these presentations, these students are beginning freshman.  I wanted the students to be exposed to the graphing and function vocabulary early on in the year.  As well as getting used to presenting in my class.  I realize that we are far from done. I will continue to repeat, and model how to use this vocabulary throughout the year.  I expect that students presentations will improve as we study each function more in depth.  Students will continue to be more successful in math, the more that they verbalize and write about it. The vocabulary will become easier for them to use correctly.

  Looking back at the pros and cons of Presentations compared to lecture
  Student Ownership: Looking back at the pros and cons of Presentations compared to lecture
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Partner Presentations on the Transformation of a Parent Function(Day 2 of 2)

Unit 1: Introduction to Functions
Lesson 12 of 13

Objective: SWBAT present their analysis with a partner following the guidelines of a given rubric.

Big Idea: Students will verbalize and identify the correct transformations from a parent function and explain the new function using the correct graphing vocabulary.

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x-intercept, Math, Algebra, domain, range, y-intercept, Graphing Vocabulary, presentation, Analyzing functions, increasing intervals, decreasing intervals, function
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