Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Liquid Tower Density - Section 4: Connecting the Learning


A few of my students used the three trial layering of the liquids as an opportunity to experiment h the order of the layers. First, this makes me happy because students used their alternative layering to clarify their own understanding of the lesson. Second, my students realized that they were working with colored sugar water and understanding this took the initiative to explore further what would happen if they varied the layering order. This shows me that they are comfortable in the classroom and want to learn.

We did discuss that the consequences of independent exploration may not always be so benign. While I encourage students to explore further, I would like them to check with me first to be sure there is no problem with their proposed modification of the experiment.

  Student Initiative
  Student Self-Assessment: Student Initiative
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Liquid Tower Density

Unit 1: Density
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT change the density of water and observe how changing the density changes the behavior of water.

Big Idea: We will explore an important concept of density - how space between atoms decreases when density increases.

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