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I changed the way I grouped students this year for this lesson. I had “student experts” and the rest of the students were receptive to being grouped with any of them. I used a random name generator on SMARTBoard software (how-to shown in video below) which gave the selection process more hype. Each student expert had the ability to press the button on the SMARTBoard to select 3 students who would be working with him/her. They love pressing that button…

Those selected had the option of going with the student expert or opting to work with me in a separate group. By allowing students some choice and fun determining who they were going to work with, they felt free to ask questions and learn how to complete the problems. Each group had a set of whiteboards and markers. I visited each group (two separate times per table) while students were working to solve the equations on their classwork. I asked them to solve four different equations on their whiteboards. If all students answered correctly, they got achievement points. If the total number of group members that answered correctly went up, they got achievement points. I love rewarding growth as much as high achievement. It encourages students in such a positive and productive way. Using this form of assessment twice during class also kept my student experts motivated to continuing to teach their teammates the skill.

At the end of classwork time, “student experts” were given coaching sheets at the end of this classwork section to give feedback on their teammates’ progress.



  Positive Reinforcement: Student Led Groups
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Partner Chelpers

Unit 3: Expressions and Equations - The Basics
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Objective: SWBAT solve one step equations using addition and subtraction by working with partners to solve and check their work.

Big Idea: Students work with partners to solve equations and check each others work

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