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After testing over this unit I found that most students struggled the most on recursive explanations. I didn't realize how I was teaching was so procedural until this.  Recursive understanding is not procedural but I was teaching a very formula based way.  I will change this up next year.  I think that this concept should have been the easiest but was the hardest based on my teaching strategies.  My point should have been much more conceptual.  To do this I plan on spending more time focusing on the notation of all of the terms and variables throughout the unit.  I will spend more time writing the entire rule out in words and then develop the more efficient notation later once students are comfortable with the conceptual understanding of what we are discussing.  My students made these kinds of errors.



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Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences and Series Exam

Unit 2: Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT represent arithmetic and geometric sequences/series verbally, visually, in lists/tables, graphically, as a recursive rule/pattern, an explicit rule, and in summation notation in an unit exam.

Big Idea: Represent arithmetic and geometric sequences/series with various models in an exam over the unit.

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