Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Geometric Sequences - Section 2: Introduction


Reflecting on this lesson I wish I would have given more examples in the real world of exponential relationship.  These relationships are brought up again in the exponential function unit but this connection needs to be made here to reference back as well.  The comparisons of arithmetic vs geometric relationships should be the focus of Algebra 1 one so this comparison really gets at the heart of reviewing these concepts without spending time remediating.  Examples of the kinds of problems seen in this lesson can be seen on this site.  There are also quizzes that students can take associated with each problem.  There are more problems along the top of the page.  Another resource I found that I may use next year is from NCTM Illuminations.  I really love the lessons developed on this site and think they offer really great scaffolding questions.  The lesson can be found here.  I think that Illustrative Mathematics also has a great introduction for linear and geometric relationships and writing a recursive formula for real world applications.  This can be found here.  I plan on adapting all of these resources into this lesson next year.




NCTM Illuminations

Illustrative Mathematics

  Exponential Connection
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Exponential Connection
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Geometric Sequences

Unit 2: Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT represent geometric sequences verbally, visually, in lists/tables, graphically, as a recursive rule/pattern, and as an explicit rules.

Big Idea: Students will represent geometric sequences with various models using an engaging and effective cooperative learning activity.

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Algebra, Math, Patterns (Algebra), table, function, Geometric Series, explicit rule, recursive rule, graphing exponential functions, Algebra 2
  60 minutes
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