Reflection: Continuous Assessment Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences Vocabulary Intro - Section 3: Closing: Redefine


After teaching this lesson I reflect on the importance of redefining the words in the students own words.  Without this piece (which some of my students did not have time to do) it really misses the point of the whole lesson.  Students having a firm grasp of the vocabulary needs to occur before going into this unit.  I mostly focus on the importance of arithmetic and geometric as i want them to be see the difference between linear and exponential representations and models.

  Continuous Assessment: Redefine
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Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences Vocabulary Intro

Unit 2: Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: SWBAT define the following terms related to arithmetic and geometric sequences: arithmetic, geometric, sequences, series, recursive rule, explicit rule, domain, range, function, addendum, ratio, finite.

Big Idea: Vocabulary of sequences will be developed in a fun and engaging" Here is... Where is" Scavenger Hunt Activity.

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Algebra, Math, Patterns (Algebra), domain, range, sequences, arithemtic, geometric, function, sequence, Arithmetic, ratio, addendum, Algebra 2
  80 minutes
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