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Upon revisiting this lesson I reflect on the importance to stress the mathematics behind this lesson and the activities. The students really need to know which skills they are reinforcing when playing these games.  After having conversations with people in my district I realize there is a disconnect between the activities used by teachers and the mathematics behind them.  i want to stress the importance of order of operations and problem solving (MP#1) with these activities.  I think that 30-Wonderful does a great job at doing that.  I try to not have the students memorize PEMDAS rather understand that it the impact of the operation that matters.  Example raising something to a power does more impact than adding or multiplying (in most cases). 


  Coherence: Meaning
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Getting to know your student teacher

Unit 1: First Days
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Objective: SWBAT get to know each other, yourself and or any other adult in the room, as well as play fun math games.

Big Idea: Getting a student teacher mid-year creates an opportunity to engage students with "get to know me - get to know you" activities

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