Reflection: Checks for Understanding Intro to TI N'Spires - Section 4: Quick Poll/Algebra 1 Review


Now looking back on this lesson I would use the Ti files to create a file that delved more into the students understanding of functions.  I really tried to focus on a functions based approached as opposed to equations and I should have created questions regarding the students prior knowledge regarding their previous knowledge on linear functions.  This might help some of my colleagues in teaching about the calculators but also use these as a formative assessment regarding prerequisite knowledge needed for this course.  This would be a great time to remediate if needed and reteach some of those concepts needed.

  Checks for Understanding: Review
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Intro to TI N'Spires

Unit 1: First Days
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: SWBAT navigate the TI N'Spires and use them proficiently in the classroom.

Big Idea: Needing great activities to teach your students how to use new TI N'Spires? You have found the place! Teach students to use technology strategically and precisely, reinforcing MP#5 and MP#6.

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