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After teaching this lesson for many years, I have changed it up many times.  In this lesson I want to reflect on the HW assignment of writing the teacher a letter.  I would suggest collaborating with an ELA teacher on your floor or team to create a rubric for grading this writing assignment.  I have included a rubric that I created but feel free to change as needed.  It is important to remember that the ELA teachers are the masters of their content and need to be utilized as well.  This rubric will change based on the grade being taught and what their pre-existing knowledge is going into this writing assignment.

  Self-Graded Rubrics: Biography
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First Day/Intro

Unit 1: First Days
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: SWBAT follow classroom procedures and school policies and start team/class collaboration.

Big Idea: Students will learn about each other through fun and engaging activities. They will also have an individual assignment that allows the teacher to learn more about each student which incorporates literacy in the classroom.

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