Reflection: Checks for Understanding Air Pressure - Section 6: Evaluate


This routine asks students to consider what ideas, questions or problems they are grappling with concerning atmospheric pressure but could be adapted for any topic of study. The process invites students to publicly share what they know, are still working on understanding and what they are wondering about. It offers an opportunity to see and hear where their classmates' thinking is and gives the teacher important formative data that can be used to inform teaching. 

The use of sticky notes allows you to group ideas and move them around on the chart paper and creates a record student ideas that you can easily collect from the poster paper and use to prepare notes, presentations, etc. 

Some variations of this process are to complete the process with total silence in the room. This encourages a more reflective atmosphere, or alternatively you could have each student approach the paper and read out their ideas to the class. 

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Air Pressure

Unit 2: Effects of Heat Energy Transfers on Earth's Atmosphere
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Objective: SWBAT 1)describe and define gas pressure, 2) explain what causes air pressure 3) complete simple air pressure calculations

Big Idea: Use this collection of hands-on activities to help students explore air pressure.

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