Reflection: Performance Tasks Wander With Water Snails- Water Snails Structure - Section 3: Small Group Instruction


“If a tree falls and there is nobody to hear it, did it really fall?” (without getting too philosophical, my answer is always “Yes!”)

 Over time, I realize that formative assessments are crucial to the learning process.  They give a good representation both of their learning and my instruction.  Often, both could always be improved.  That said, I also realize that these assessments needn’t be complicated and can be as simple as an accurate drawing.  As long as the “why” is present (“Why did you include the tentacles?  “Why do they have a shell?”), they can communicate their thinking and show the learning that occurred.  Students at this age can be both stubborn and very obedient.  To increase the efficacy of this assessment, I work to make my drawing accurate, yet not too detailed.  If I go too far, all I get is their version of my drawing.  That would be fine if the lesson was drawing.  For this though, I really want to assess what the students know..not what they know I know.

  Simple and Effective Assessment
  Performance Tasks: Simple and Effective Assessment
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Wander With Water Snails- Water Snails Structure

Unit 2: Slimy Snails
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: Students will identify the major parts of a fresh water snail and communicate this with a diagram.

Big Idea: What body parts does a water snail use to survive?

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