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I’m always thinking about a literature connection when I teach lessons of any subject.  I really feel that reading makes a great lesson hook.  It gives an instant opportunity for engagement and connection.  The particular book I chose for this lesson, A Snail’s Spell, is one that I read to my class when I began my teaching career many years ago.  It’s a great book to re-visit for many different kinds of lessons – Math (sorting, measuring), ELA (narrative, compare/contrast) and..Science.  The main character is a young child, much like the age of our students.  The way that this character interacts with nature provides a natural connection to the way we learn and explored snails and their habitat.  Additionally, the book offers a natural opportunity to role-play, an enjoyable and enriching way to put the vocabulary from the book into action.  Logistically, I’ve just found that it’s easier to have them stay in one place, so I used their carpet squares during this part of the activity to better connect to the learning opportunity.  When students have the collective experience of role playing- even in a short activity like this- they can absorb- and enjoy- the material much easier. 

  Literature Connection
  Relevance: Literature Connection
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Land Snails- A Sum of Their Parts

Unit 2: Slimy Snails
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: Students will identify the major parts of a land snail and record this as a diagram.

Big Idea: Why are parts of a land snail important to their survival?

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brown garden snail
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