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This activity provides an opportunity to embrace cultural diversity, which can be a good learning experience.  In order to direct the conversation, I began by stating that different families have different holiday traditions and may eat different foods during celebrations.  I also provided different examples of types of foods that some people eat during celebrations.  For this activity, it is helpful to be aware of students' cultural backgrounds and the types of holidays they celebrate in order to avoid offending students.  My students were very excited about discussing the foods they enjoy eating.  This activity enabled me to learn more about my students' family traditions and gave them a chance to share ideas with their classmates.

  Addressing Diversity
  Real World Applications: Addressing Diversity
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Thankful for Chemistry

Unit 2: Chemistry
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Objective: SWBAT identify real world applications of chemistry as they relate chemistry terms to their favorite Thanksgiving foods.

Big Idea: Need a lesson for the last day before holiday break? Use this lesson to help students understand the real world connections between the science classroom and the holiday season.

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