Reflection: Conferencing Jig-Saw Teaching of Az Regions: An Adaptation of the Jig-Saw Discussion Activity, Day Two - Section 3: Perfecting Our Points:


This is one of the more crucial time that you have to be everywhere in the room and checking in the facts that are being generated. You want them to include meaningful facts, that are correct. This can be a bit hectic but a brief check in with each student pays off. For my students with special needs, I help them create their sentences. The minimum scaffolding I give is helping them get some key facts down that they can then create their own sentences from. 

I keep the time to ten minutes, although it would be easy to give them more time. I want them focused and too much time creates too many facts. I want them to narrow their part of the poster to one or two facts. 


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Jig-Saw Teaching of Az Regions: An Adaptation of the Jig-Saw Discussion Activity, Day Two

Unit 17: Researching Basics
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT to teach their classmates about the regions of Arizona through the creation of a factual group made poster.

Big Idea: To break up reading sections and to assign learning and teaching responsibility is the goal of this Jig-Saw activity. It supports cooperative learning, gives structural support, and creates ownership of learning.

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