Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge What Happened to My Soap ? - Section 1: Math Connection: Measuring and Setting up our Lab.


Integration of math into science is just a really important thing! I think that this was a perfect way to introduce, connect math to real life and science and help students understand that measurement is a skill that is necessary in science. Metric measurement has not be introduced yet, but this gets them busy with it right away. I chose to start with millimeters to help connect it to the double digit math we have been doing. It would have been simpler to just measure in centimeters, but I wanted to make it a little more rigorous!

Measuring the soap and understanding volume is also a rigorous concept for 4th grade, but this helps to challenge them a little and prepare them for 5th grade where the standard is taught. However, volume will be used more this year in science! We need to start to understand that concept so it flows more easily when it is a formal assessment later.

  More math integration!
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: More math integration!
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What Happened to My Soap ?

Unit 4: Weathering
Lesson 2 of 15

Objective: SWBAT identify and become fluent in key weathering vocabulary as students explore the meaning of erosion.

Big Idea: Using a bar of soap, students discover the meaning of erosion.

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Science, erosion, weathering, metric measurement, millimeters, glaciers, engineering, soil, cross curriculum
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