Reflection: Student Ownership Subtraction Across Zeros: Using Place Value Understanding to Talk it Through - Section 2: Core Lesson: Using a Place Value Chart To Sort It Out!


I should have built up this by starting smaller! I know that! What was I thinking? Well it wasn't all bad. The students were mastering ten thousands place across zeros pretty fluently. But my lowest students are struggling even with talking place value language about hundreds!

I adjusted my practice through their assignment.

  A smaller problem
  Student Ownership: A smaller problem
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Subtraction Across Zeros: Using Place Value Understanding to Talk it Through

Unit 1: Place Value and Multi-Digit Addition & Subtraction
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT explain the "how and why" of regrouping when subtracting across zeros.

Big Idea: Students examine misconceptions and learn to use place value language to regroup and subtract fluently using a place value chart.

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student explanation of subtraction across zeros
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