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In a “gallery walk” strategy, students rotate through stations within the classroom analyzing and evaluating posted concepts. Each station or exhibit in a gallery walk displays a poster or chart of some kind presenting ideas, pictures, readings related to the lesson concepts.  In my lesson on weather forecasting, I have displayed different weather maps. Each map shows a weather system for students to analyze such as precipitation, temperatures, wind speed, cold fronts, warm fronts, etc. In addition, students use a graphic organizer to record their thinking as they walk around to each weather map exhibit in the gallery.  By using a graphic organizer, students organize their analysis into a written format giving them structure and responsibility to be on task throughout the walk. I selected “gallery walk” for students to use during the explore part of the lesson on forecasting weather because it embeds several skills for students to use as they are learning.  The gallery walk encourages students to work cooperatively as they analyze a specific weather map at each station, fostering speaking and listening skills.  Likewise, the gallery walk strategy gets students moving throughout the lesson which prevents them from sitting too long and losing interest and attention.  Furthermore, I can monitor students understanding or misconception as I walk around and listen. I can also listen for accurate use of vocabulary words in discussions and how they synthesize the information displayed.  

  Gallery Walk
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Gallery Walk
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7. Forecasting Weather

Unit 1: Weather
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: SWBAT write a weather forecast after observing weather conditions, symbols on weather maps, and analyzing collected data.

Big Idea: Students will analyze weather maps and forecast weather conditions in specific areas. They will use observation, collected data, and weather map symbols to write a weather report about one area in the United States.

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