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As an alternate closing activity, you might choose to have students trade books with another group and each student can write a review for that book.  The advantages to this are that students get to share their work and benefit from seeing how others accomplished the same task.  Also, each book will have 2-3 book reviews that can be included into that project which can give the book a more finished and authentic feel.

The drawbacks to this version are that it takes more time to complete, it does not allow for students to reflect on their own work process and therefore does not build up any meta-cognitive skills, and it runs the risk of students creating negative reviews.  While I don't mind negative reviews for groups that did not put forth effort, I do not want the struggling readers/writers to get negative feedback for their best work.  This can be controlled with smart grouping strategies.  

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Reading To Learn: Dinosaurs Among Us

Unit 6: Evidence of Common Ancestry
Lesson 2 of 12

Objective: SWBAT create a picture book based on a scientific article that introduces students to the idea that birds are modern day dinosaurs.

Big Idea: Reading to learn is tough but that does not mean it can't be fun! Students work to "translate" a scientific article from a renowned paleontologist into "everyday speak" that any young person can understand without losing the article's integrity.

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Science, ecosystem, ancestry, Evolution, Common Ancestors, LS4.A, Evidence of common ancestry, ancestors, fossils
  90 minutes
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