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This year I have more time per lesson (90 minutes as opposed to 60 minutes last year). This means that on Quiz days there is enough time to either review before a quiz, or work on a task to get ready for upcoming skills. Another big change this year is my pacing calendar. Our first unit this year included a review of operations with fractions and decimals. The resources for these introductory lessons can be found in the “Do Now” reflection of this lesson.

This year for this “Quiz” lesson, students entered and began right away. A timer was set on the board for 40 minutes of “quiz time”. Once students were finished, they were instructed to take the remaining amount time to review and answer the questions on a worksheet.

This worksheet has two purposes: to provide something for students to engage in silently while their teammates finish AND to introduce examples for the upcoming skill. I do not expect all students to be able to complete the problems correctly and I expected some frustration. The advantage of beginning the year with a review of fraction and decimal operations meant that I knew which kids would struggle. If they expressed their difficulty and asked for help, I asked them to review their notes and find the rules we wrote for integer operations at the beginning of this second unit. The reflection, including guiding questions, can be found in the class notes section of this lesson.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: After the Quiz
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Quiz Day

Unit 1: Integers
Lesson 17 of 20

Objective: SWBAT show what they know about integer operations (+,–, ×, ÷) on Vocab Quiz #2.

Big Idea: Homework is checked in preparation for the quiz and then students work until the end of class.

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