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Wonder why I do so many chemical reaction demonstrations? Here's a quick sampling of some --

  1. Decomposing Hydrogen Peroxide Demonstration (Elephant Toothpaste)
  2. Hydrogen Balloon Explosion Demonstration
  3. Sodium (Na) Reaction Demonstration
  4. Endothermic Reaction Demonstration

These reactions that I demonstrate are often too dangerous or too expensive for the students to experience on their own in a student lab environment. It is also fun. Having fun with your students builds a relationship for future success.

I've had conversations with former students who did very well in my class, but are now failing their science courses in high school and I asked what's going on. The most common answer they give me is that they hate their science teacher.

My response typically is to tell them that they have to learn to work with people they don't like - just as we do in life. The real truth of the matter is that if your students like and respect you they will work harder for you and seek out your approval. Have clear rules, high expectations, and fun activities and your students will excel. 

A side note on class rules - I use Love and Logic.

  Why perform for the kids
  Joy: Why perform for the kids
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Surface Area Demonstration

Unit 5: Chemical Reactions
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Objective: Students will be able to observe that increasing the surface area of airborne powdered sugar provides a combustion reaction.

Big Idea: Fire = Student's Attention

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