Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Evaluating Graphs and Equations Using Function Notation - Section 3: Independent Practice


I continue to encourage students to explain their answers in math in complete sentences.  It is important for students to verbalize and write their math responses. It increases understanding for students by having them express and explain the process and the reasoning.  Using formative assessment to analyze the student work on the bathtub problem, allows me to plan for future instruction.  I observed from the bathtub problem, that none of the students stated what the y-intercept, x-intercept and slope represented in the problem.  They just stated the quantities of each with no explanation.  Another observation that I will use for future instruction is to have students recognize when to evaluate functions using the graph, and when the equation must be used to evaluate the function to be precise. I will also work with students to use function notation instead of just x and y.

  Using formative assessments to guide my instruction
  Writing Across the Disciplines: Using formative assessments to guide my instruction
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Evaluating Graphs and Equations Using Function Notation

Unit 1: Introduction to Functions
Lesson 7 of 13

Objective: SWBAT evaluate f(x) and x using given information and the equation or graph of the function.

Big Idea: To be able to read and comprehend function notation to know the difference between when to find x and when to find y.

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Algebra, Math, function notation, f(x), evaluating equations, evaluating graphs, interpreting graphs, independent and dependent variable, writing the equation of a function, graphing using a t, function
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function notation and graphs
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