Reflection: Relevance Lines and Patterns: Difference, Change, and Multiplication - Section 2: Class Notes + Mini Lessons


This year I decided to break up this lesson into two separate lessons. “Change” and “difference” were reviewed on a separate day. The relevance of one topic to the other was not strong and I rushed through all topics last year. This year I have made more of an effort to be mindful about my students’ comprehension over the amount of time we are spending on each topic.

When it came time to multiply signed numbers this year, I devoted the class notes section to exploring patterns and discovering the rules for multiplying signed numbers alone, without spending time on other concepts. We used the number line and tables to show how and WHY these rules worked. After reviewing these rules and complete a few problems together I played the video attached in the original lesson.


  Relevance: It's Too Much - Break it Up
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Lines and Patterns: Difference, Change, and Multiplication

Unit 1: Integers
Lesson 14 of 20

Objective: SWBAT solve word problems about difference, change and multiplication by using number lines and patterns.

Big Idea: Students will explore difference and change problems in one mini lesson and discover the rules of multiplication in a second mini lesson

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day 14 change difference and multiplication
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