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Every time I teach this lesson, there is at least one student who talks about comparing the ratios in fraction form, as a way to determine which chili is more spicy (2/3 is greater than 3/6, so Ms. Thody's chili must be spicier, given its higher concentration of chili powder).  

When this happens, I respond in two ways:  one, I praise the student for the great thinking, and validate the strategy.  Two, I let the student (and the class, if needed) know that in this lesson, we're working to prove with a model which relationship meets the superlative we're looking for (spicier, more red, sweeter, etc) and I state that my expectation is that we're using tables to find a comparison point.

Here's why I do this - proportional reasoning is not a part of the 6th grade Common Core standards.  This year, students are building a deep conceptual understanding of rates and ratios. Next year, in 7th grade, their teacher will teach them all about proportional thinking (7.RP.A).  I know that if we jump to proportional reasoning now, my students will miss out on really, truly understanding what is happening in our ratio problems.  

  Vertical Alignment - Knowing the Standards
  Vertical Alignment: Vertical Alignment - Knowing the Standards
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Comparing Ratios

Unit 5: Rates and Ratios
Lesson 7 of 13

Objective: SWBAT use ratio tables to compare ratios.

Big Idea: Any entry within one ratio table for one term can me compared with any entry from the ratio table for the other term.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, ratio of whole numbers, ratio tables, ratios
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