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In the middle of this lesson, students took a recess break. Immediately, about 6 students were at my desk, ready to share their research, personal connections to water pollution, and creative ideas. One student decides that she wants to stay in a recess to make a Powerpoint Presentation to build awareness on all the environmental issues that we've been studying. Two or three others students excitedly join her! 

Another group of students decide that they want to raise money to help build a well in an African village in need of clean water. These students also stay in at recess to research how much wells cost and how other schools have raised money for this cause. 

I love watching students take ownership of not only their learning, but also our environment! 

After recess, I continue conferencing with students. Here, Students Discussing Human Steps, two students discuss steps humans can take to help protect the water in our environment. I love hearing them connect this issue with their own lives. 

  Student Ownership: Application of Learning
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Study of Environmental Issues: Water Pollution

Unit 2: Ecosystems
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Objective: SWBAT explain the steps humans can take to protect the environment from water pollution.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students continue creating a big book on environmental issues. Today, they explore water pollution by researching the problem, causes, impact, and the steps humans can take help protect the environment.

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Science, Human Impact on Earth, global warming, abiotic factors, ecosystem, environment, environmental issues, earth resources, water pollution, decomposition, biotic
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