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Conferring or conferencing is my favorite type of formative assessment.  I love using my anecdotal records to record student thinking, questions and ah-ha moments.  A good conference always begins with research.  During this part of the conference I listen to student conversations, observe student work or ask questions.  I ask my students Tell me about your work or What are you finding? During this time I record student successes and I research a possible teaching point. In this lesson I observed a student recording what light does to an object rather than what the object does to the beam of light. This was the perfect teachable moment. I began my conference with a compliment praising the detailed predictions.  I was sure to make my compliment sincere and honest.  Then it was time for the teaching point!  I began by asking a question, "When you were observing light today were you able to answer our question: What do different types of materials do to the beam of light?  This question was enough for the students to realize the error.  I had her share her realization with the class and we found that another student did the same thing.  They chose to turn off the lights and re-do the exploration to study the beam of light.  I recorded this beautiful conference on my science recording sheet and will refer to this tomorrow.  I want my students to know that MISTAKES are all apart of learning.  This is the perfect example to use when I talk about attending to precision and tackling complex tasks.  I will remind my students that working through mistakes is all part of the amazing learning process!

  Conferencing: The Art of Conferring!
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Translucent, Transparent, Opaque OH MY!!

Unit 2: Unit 2: Light Waves
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Objective: SWBAT conduct an investigation to find out what happens when you put an object in the beam of light.

Big Idea: Can you block the beam of light? Come and investigate what happens to light beams when you put objects in its way.

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Science, light wave, Light, cause and effect, transparent, translucent, opaque
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