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This lesson is an example of a time when I  use more directed whole group instruction.  We do the majority of this graphing activity together before I release them to work on their own.  There is a lot for us to discuss as we retrieve the data and they also need the support to learn how to navigate the website and create a line graph by hand.  Methodically breaking down the complex task of simultaneously representing four different data  points for one day allows them some extra cognitive space to also be thinking about what the data represents and how it connects to their ideas about weather and climate. 

  When to Use Whole Group Instruction
  When to Use Whole Group Instruction
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Comparing Regional Temperatures - Day 1

Unit 2: Seasonal Weather
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: Students will be make comparisons between the daily high and low temperatures in two different climate regions of the United States.

Big Idea: Patterns of change can be used to make predictions.

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Science, climate, expository text, weather
  45 minutes
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