Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Classifying Animals - Section 4: Explanation


OK, I know I have already talked about the catchy video that we watched.  But I cannot say enough about this song.  The kids absolutely love it.  They keep asking me over and over when can we watch it again.  I often hear them singing it in the classroom.  

I still have one little boy who keeps asking, "What is an amphibian, again?"  You bet I'll start belting out, "Toad, frog, polliwog, salamander and waterdog!" as the whole class chimes in, including the child who asked in the first place.  I'm starting to think that little boy is probably one step ahead of all of us.  He knows how to get the whole class singing in unison and put smiles on everyone's faces!

  Catchy Little Tune
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Catchy Little Tune
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Classifying Animals

Unit 4: The Wonderful Biodiversity of Life
Lesson 3 of 17

Objective: The SWBAT state the identifying characteristics of the 5 groups of vertebrates.

Big Idea: Scientists group animals by their characteristics.

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Science, second grade, Vertebrates, Animal Characteristics
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animal classification
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