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In previous years, I combined this lesson with the previous one on fish structure.  After struggling to complete both lessons in the appropriate time that Kindergarteners can pay attention, I stepped back and realized my mistake.  It occurred to me that these lessons, however simple they seem to be, should be separated.  It serves each piece better to learn it on its own.  The addition of explicit vocabulary instruction (e.g. “function”) was intentional.  While it may sound odd to throw one new vocabulary word into a Science lesson, it gives valuable context.  I’m always amazed by the conversations that go on around new words, like the students are trying on a new shirt.  Since this is a continuation of a previous lesson, it may go much faster.  Don’t worry if this is the case.  It’s essentially an extension activity to reinforce the goldfish’s structure.  Since we introduced the goldfish as friends, helping these new friends remember how to use their body parts makes it a fun way for the students to learn the functions behind of goldfish anatomy.

  Understanding Subject Matter
  Grappling with Complexity: Understanding Subject Matter
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See Swimmy Survive- How Does a Goldfish Manage?

Unit 1: Spy Swimmy
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: Learn the function of each part by detailing it on a “help sheet”.

Big Idea: How do the parts of a goldfish help it live?

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