Reflection: Rigor Fun With Fossils - Section 4: Active Engagement


This lesson was a creative way to read about and research what fossils are and how they can teach us about the past. Using music is naturally motivating for children, which was important for this lesson. They remembered the song and therefore were able to access the information while "re-reading" the text. 

The rigor of this lesson was in determining the facts that each stanza was teaching.  The information was not written in full sentences, so the groups had to discuss and work with their ideas, much like writing poetry. 

Although we did not bring out any fossils besides our Petoskey stones, the children built an impressive set of background knowledge by dissecting a song. 

  Complicated Thinking
  Rigor: Complicated Thinking
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Fun With Fossils

Unit 4: Ecosystems and Biological Evolution
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to "take apart" a text in order to build background knowledge about fossils.

Big Idea: The concept of fossilization can be challenging for students. It requires some sense of time movement, changes in the earth, and living organisms dying and leaving behind something after millions of years. This lesson will help build background knowledge.

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Science, fossils, informational reading to gather data, biome, adaptation
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