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For this exit slip, I had to make a quick decision of whether I should collect the exit questions and grade them to give back to the students the next day or to have students grade it themselves so they can get immediate feedback. I chose to forgo the formative assessment grade and allow them to get immediate feedback by grading it compared to my answers up on the screen. As students were grading the answers, I walked around to get a visual scan of how students did on the exit slip even though I didn't grade it.

I think that this worked out well for my students because they were able to see how they did before the review activities so they could fix their mistakes before trying some new problems. I did have students tell me that they wish I had graded this one because they felt that they did best on them. The students overall, based on my visual scan, understood that the acceleration should have been 10 meters per second squared but some had a little difficulty with being able to use the same information for both problems.

  To take for a formative grade or not...that is the question
  Exit Tickets: To take for a formative grade or not...that is the question
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Free Fall Wrap-Up

Unit 3: Uniform Acceleration Motion
Lesson 10 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to state the value of the acceleration due to gravity in meters per second squared and use it in mathematical models in situations of free fall.

Big Idea: Students show what they know about free fall through whiteboard presentations.

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