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The online simulations selected for this lesson are labeled for high school use.  I felt that while some of the information was at a level higher than what my students were ready for, the simulations as a whole contained beneficial content.  This is why I led the students through the simulation as a whole class.  I reviewed information with the students and then had them practice slides of the simulation on their own before we moved onto the next slide.  This helped to ensure that students were receiving the content, rather than just clicking through the slides, and it provided me with the opportunity to explain the concepts to my students using wording they were more familiar with.

  Exploring Simulations Together
  Flexibility: Exploring Simulations Together
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And the Name Is....Naming Chemical Compounds

Unit 2: Chemistry
Lesson 17 of 19

Objective: SWBAT write the chemical formulas for ionic compounds.

Big Idea: In this lesson students will use interactive simulations to review bonding and the naming of chemical compounds.

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Science, Chemical formula
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