Reflection: Organizational Systems Part Two - Base Line Data on the Soda Cup Lander - Section 1: NGSS Connections and Lesson Preparation


In the previous lesson, 'Part One - Submersible Model: Soda Cup Lander', I established 3 person SCL teams. When I made my expert groups for this lesson, I made sure that each SCL team would have a representative for each of the 2 measuring systems, mass and linear measurement. So when teams take data on their 'scientific instruments' for the SCL in the next lesson, teams would have an 'expert' to help them review how to use the ruler or balance scale.

For this lesson, I pair an expert from each measuring device to teach each other.  I chose 2 person groups so that students would have more hands on time.

When selecting students for each expert group, I considered the following:

- who could work independently watching a video

- who has more stamina to follow longer directions

- who would have the most success explaining the method of measuring




  Organizational Systems: How I Set Up My Groups
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Part Two - Base Line Data on the Soda Cup Lander

Unit 3: Unit 3 - Deep Ocean to Rocky Shore Adaptations and Submersible Designs
Lesson 5 of 12

Objective: SWABT use a scale to find the mass and a ruler to take the linear measurements of their 'soda cup lander'.

Big Idea: Tools of the trade: students learn how to use a scale and ruler, so they can take accurate data for their Sea Cup Lander in the next lesson.

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