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As students were conducting their tests, I circulated around the room and checked in with each group.  I wanted to inquire on how their tests were going and what their thinking was about their results.  In this video, the student feels the size of the car was the difference and/or the reason the car won.  I asked them to test it a few more times and then reminded them to try switching the cars to the opposite ramp.  I then asked him to let me know if he still felt the same way after the testing.

This type of questioning can help guide them to gain clearer understanding without just telling them of they are right or wrong.

  Intervention and Extension: Addressing Misconceptions
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Ramp It Up!

Unit 2: Force and Motion
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Objective: SWBAT make a hypothesis and draw a conclusion on which of two ramps will cause a car to roll the fastest.

Big Idea: As your class continues to learn the different parts of the scientific process, students will be engaged in an experiment that requires them to make a hypothesis, record results and draw a conclusion from their results.

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