Reflection: Flexibility Understanding Force Through Tug of War: Day 2 - Section 4: Elaborate: Pulling From the Middle


I had a few students who missed out on the initial testing of the student developed scenarios.  In order to keep the "re-test" fair, I had them help me pull form the middle.  I asked the students why, the new students couldn't just join on of the tens, and the students were abel to identify that by adding new team members wouldn't be a fair test compared to the original.  

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  Flexibility: For Kids Who missed Day 1
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Understanding Force Through Tug of War: Day 2

Unit 2: Force and Motion
Lesson 9 of 15

Objective: SWBAT understand that an object will move in the direction of the largest force.

Big Idea: Continuing from the previous day's lesson, the students will now participate in a few games of tug of war and apply concepts of force and motion into their learning and discovery.

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Science, 1st Grade, force and motion, testable questions
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