Reflection: Grappling with Complexity Understanding Force Through Tug of War Day 1 - Section 3: Explore: Let the Games Begin!


The students will be very excited to share either scenarios and the idea of the tug of war competition.  However, you need to also focus on the idea of testable questions.  As each team shares their scenario, I will specifically ask what the testable question is and reiterate it for the class.  When all of the scenarios are listed, I will go back through and read each question and ask the class if it can be tested or not.

This is their first attempt at developing a testable question.  It is all part of the lead up to them creating their own investigations.experiment to end this unit.

  Creating Testable Questions
  Grappling with Complexity: Creating Testable Questions
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Understanding Force Through Tug of War Day 1

Unit 2: Force and Motion
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Objective: SWBAT understand that an object will not be in motion if the forces being applied on it are equal.

Big Idea: Today the students will gather to play a game of Tug of War. Through the participation in the game, students will explore the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces.

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Science, 1st Grade, force and motion, testable questions
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