Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Understanding Force Through Tug of War Day 1 - Section 2: Engage: Introducing the Game


Both the CCSS and the NGSS have a specific focus on student discourse and peer to peer learning.  In this situation, the students are asked to first come up with ideas with their own group.  They are then directed to share ether thinking with another team and then, in turn, listen to a team share their thinking.  This allows students to compare their learning with that of others and also allows them to hear other ideas and how they may be similar or different.

  Learning From Each Other
  Discourse and Questioning: Learning From Each Other
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Understanding Force Through Tug of War Day 1

Unit 2: Force and Motion
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Objective: SWBAT understand that an object will not be in motion if the forces being applied on it are equal.

Big Idea: Today the students will gather to play a game of Tug of War. Through the participation in the game, students will explore the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces.

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Science, 1st Grade, force and motion, testable questions
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