Reflection: Student Led Inquiry More Than Manure - Section 3: Explore (Day 2)


Although I do want this activity to be student-led, I also have an experiment in mind. After all, I did design the lesson! I tend to gently guide the students into creating an experiment that will be both simple yet effective. If they decide upon an experiment that is missing crucial components or that I know will not be particularly successful, I try to suggest ideas or pose questions to get them to think about the outcome. For example, if the students do not think to add water to keep the soil moist, I may think aloud about a time that I tried to plant tomatoes in my garden and realized the seeds could not grow roots because the dry soil was too hard to penetrate through. Undoubtedly, someone will suggest that we will occasionally water each soil container. I agree, adding that this would simulate rain, which would more closely resemble a natural outdoor environment.

  How do I get them to do what I want?
  Student Led Inquiry: How do I get them to do what I want?
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More Than Manure

Unit 2: Zoology
Lesson 9 of 17

Objective: SWBAT evaluate the contributions of plant and animal matter to soil.

Big Idea: Even the smallest animals can contribute to the well-being of an ecosystem!

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