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The WISE activity puts the students in the role of researchers, investigating possible treatments for cancer. This type of activity, while fictitious, gave the students a real world context to apply what they were learning. Across the board (SW1SW2SW3SW4SW5SW6SW7), students were able to identify not only how and why a cell divides, but also how that knowledge might be applied. They also recognized why there are side effects to cancer treatments (XC-CE-MS-3).

The activity also supports the students in engaging in academic discourse. The language they used in their written explanations might not be very complex, but the ideas are sound and tell me that they understood the material.

I will need to address the use of the oversimplification in the WISE model since several students mentioned that they did not understand how we did not have a cure for cancer since it was so simple. This becomes a teachable moment in the use and limitations of models to predict phenomena.

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Cell Division (Day 3) - Design a Cancer Fighting Drug

Unit 4: Cell Processess
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Objective: Students will be able to use the information gained from previous lessons to design a cancer fighting drug.

Big Idea: If you understand cell division, you could cure cancer.

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