Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding What is a Habitat? What is Biodiversity? - Section 6: Evaluate/Wrap-Up


I love using Frayer model for teaching vocabulary.  It helps the children to think about the meaning of words in multiple ways.  It helps promote critical thinking to identify and understand unfamiliar words.  It build on prior knowledge to build connections to new concepts.  It creates a visual reference for students.  The children enjoyed using them and I think they greatly benefitted.  I will continue to use them in future lessons.  For more information, see resource.


  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Frayer Models for Vocabulary Instruction
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What is a Habitat? What is Biodiversity?

Unit 4: The Wonderful Biodiversity of Life
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Objective: SWBAT explain that different animals live in different habitats and that biodiversity is the variety of life in those habitats.

Big Idea: We can use a Frayer Model to help us learn vocabulary!

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Science, biodiversity , second grade, habitats, frayer model
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