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Sometimes, I don't feel like I have enough teaching time to let students color and draw pictures in science! However, when developing a classroom culture that encourages student engagement, a desire to learn, and student ownership, I think it is important to continually find new ways to make science interesting and fun! 

As students traced coloring pages today, I heard so many wonderful comments, "Wow! That turned out better than I thought it would!" and "I've never drawn so well!" An excitement fills the air as students develop their book covers. 

Also, by providing examples of each environmental issue that students will be researching, students are provided with a preview of the scientific concepts and vocabulary that will be discussed in upcoming lessons. I loved hearing students begin using key vocabulary words, such as, "I still need to draw a picture of deforestation!" 


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Study of Environmental Issues: Overfishing

Unit 2: Ecosystems
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Objective: SWBAT explain the steps humans can take to protect the environment from overfishing.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students begin creating a big book on environmental issues. Today, they explore overfishing by researching the problem, causes, impact, and the steps humans can take help protect the environment.

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Science, Human Impact on Earth, global warming, abiotic factors, ecosystem, environmental issues, earth resources, environment, decomposition, biotic
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