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This task proved to be much harder than I had anticipated.  Several  groups had some difficulty using two characteristics for sorting.  When I walked over to one group, they had partnered each of the photos up using only one characteristic.  Here is a video clip of them trying to work it out and here is another group with similar issues.  Another trouble that some groups had was with defining identifiable characteristics. 

But even though it was a bit difficult, but attainable, the children grappled through the task and accomplished what they set out to do.  I thought the entire exploration was wonderful since they were really looking hard and thinking about things in a way they have not thought of before.  They were making real connections of their own, ones much stronger than being told the factual information.   

  Perseverance: Grappling Through a More Difficult Task Than Anticipated
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Classifying Animals

Unit 4: The Wonderful Biodiversity of Life
Lesson 3 of 17

Objective: The SWBAT state the identifying characteristics of the 5 groups of vertebrates.

Big Idea: Scientists group animals by their characteristics.

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Science, second grade, Vertebrates, Animal Characteristics
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