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Finding something that all of my students can relate to can sometimes be difficult, but asking them a question dealing with our class pet drew everyone into the conversation.  My students are responsible for caring for Mo while he is at school and several of them spend time holding him or watching him during study hall.  Even students who did not like him or were afraid of him at the beginning of the year have come around and enjoy being near him.  Mo has become our science mascot, so having the students discuss an issue about plastic related to their fuzzy science buddy elicited strong feelings and good discussion from the students.  Since having a class pet is not feasible in many situations, finding a related topic dealing with the impacts of PLA on other living organisms is an alternative idea.  For instance, a teacher could suggest making forks for the cafeteria out of PLA.  This could generate strong discussion since PLA undergoes depolymerization at high temperatures and around water - making it a poor match for the lunchroom sanitation process.

  The Class Pet
  Real World Applications: The Class Pet
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Monomers and Polymers - Flipped (Day 1)

Unit 2: Chemistry
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Objective: SWBAT identify key characteristics of polylactic acid while reviewing key chemistry terminology.

Big Idea: This lesson can be used to review key chemistry terminology, to help students understand 3D printing, and to introduce monomers and polymers.

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Science, 3D printing, polymers, monomer
  45 minutes
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