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Think-pair-share works for this lesson because it gives students time to think about what they already know and practice saying it to a partner before they are asked to share out. Even if a student does not remember everything at once, listening to someone else's ideas triggers the memory recall. As students begin to share with each other, the class tends to become louder as more ideas are added because a particular snippet evokes a memory. 

Just be careful that any misinformation shared during the "share" is cleared up right away. 

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Think-Pair-Share
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Human Body 2.0 - Introducing the Project

Unit 5: Human Body 2.0
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: Students will be able to use evidence to explain how the body is a system of interacting subsystems composed of groups of cells.

Big Idea: How would scientists go about redesigning the human creature in order to get the most efficiency out of him?

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