Reflection: Complex Tasks Personification Poetry Of Cell Organelles (Day 1 of 2) - Section 5: Close - Time for Teacher Poetry


My students really took hold of this assignment and invested themselves in their creative writing endeavors, but I was more pleased with their willingness to offer constructive feedback to their peers during the peer editing session.  I was pleasantly surprised by the analysis and communication skills that were demonstrated during the collaborative peer editing group session. Students went above and beyond my expectations and it has really motivated myself to continue to push the envelope with cross-curricular lesson plans!

  Lesson Reflection - Peer Editing Was The Star Of The Show
  Complex Tasks: Lesson Reflection - Peer Editing Was The Star Of The Show
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Personification Poetry Of Cell Organelles (Day 1 of 2)

Unit 5: Cell Biology - An Out Of This Cell Experience
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT describe the structure and function of cell organelles through the creation of their personification poem.

Big Idea: The mitochondria might jump out of the textbook as your students will bring their organelle to life through their creative writing and mastery of the structure and function of the cell's inner-workings.

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Science, Cells and Cellular Processes, cell membrane transport, cells, Creative Writing, organelles, personification, models, cell model, microscope
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