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Being a teacher in a 1:1 Chromebook classroom and a very passionate supporter of educational technology, my students have daily interaction with technology tools as a natural part of the learning process.  This is one of the reasons I didn't hesitate to direct them to Zillow and other similar sites as a way to expose them to a new style of writing. I like to provide authentic experiences in my classroom, and figured one of the best ways to show my students how to write real estate ads was to have them read real estate ads. By allowing them to do so online, I not only saved myself the time of having to sift through and print several ads, but also saved paper and ink, which (for many teachers) is NOT an unlimited resource. However, if I did this activity again, I think I would splurge on the paper and print the ads instead. What I noticed in allowing my students to view the ads online is that many got very wrapped up in looking for multi-million dollar houses, scrolling through pictures, trying to find their own home, or searching their neighborhoods, rather than focusing on the actual writing style. This made this part of the activity take longer than expected and became a management hassle for me. I would encourage printing the ads beforehand and maybe even printing the text only, instead of the adjoining pictures.

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Habitats: It's a Seller's Market! (2 Day Lesson)

Unit 2: Zoology
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Objective: SWBAT describe the four basic purposes of a habitat, apply understanding of habitats to identify a suitable one for a given animal, and compose an advertisement "selling" that habitat.

Big Idea: In order for an animal to survive, it must be able to find a suitable habitat that provides food, water, cover, and a safe place to raise its young.

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