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Continuing on with our transformations theme, I made some changes to my constructions unit assessment.  In problems 6, 7, and 8, students use transformations to solve these constructions problems, which require them to dilate, reflect, and rotate a given figure, line segment, or point.  Additionally, since the next unit is on triangle properties and triangle congruence, I wanted to build in an opportunity for students to revisit the notion that constructions can help them understand which combinations of three sides and angles guarantee (or don’t guarantee) the construction of congruent triangles.  In Problem 10, students must construct two different triangles given two segments and an angle and explain why it was possible to construct two non-congruent triangles and why the triangles are not congruent.  My hope is that in this problem, students will use the language of transformations to explain why the triangles are not congruent.        

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Weaving Together Constructions and Transformations
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Constructions Unit Assessment

Unit 5: Constructions
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to perform a variety of constructions, such as copying a segment and angle, bisecting segments and angles, and constructing parallel and perpendicular lines.

Big Idea: Students will solve several constructions problems that require them to integrate several foundational constructions.

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Math, Geometry, modeling, Constructions, compass and straightedge
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